Demiraglar’s commitment to the environment is based on the fundamental pillars of sustainable development and business ethics and spans the entire life cycle of the products.

The action areas include:

  • The use of the most advanced technology for the process of the extraction of blocks and processing of our products with special emphasis on the improvement of energy efficiency, savings and recyclable water as well as respect for the surroundings and the environment
  • The reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere with initiatives such as the priority of using the railway in order to transport our products, which makes their logistics more sustainable
  • To support client concerns for the environment, by making available great quality products that have added value with respect to the environment and health protection
  • To encourage methods for the reduction, reuse, recycling and valuation of residues
  • To involve suppliers in the ambitious common objective of conserving the environment.
  • To promote disclosure and awareness by the prevention of contamination and sustainable development at all levels of the productive chain

These efforts have been recognized by Organizations with independent criteria.